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Welcome to R Lacy Interlocking Pavers. What you will find here are Pavestone or Interlocking Pavers or just plain Pavers as I like to call them. You want a patio, driveway, walkway and something besides plain old concrete. You see the pictures of pavers on the website or a friend had some in their driveway or patio.

The pavers looked so nice but you said to yourself “Oh pavers look so expensive, I could never afford that”. Not True! I’ve found Pavers are unheard of and misunderstood here in The Central Valley.

You ask the same question that everyone asks “How do they compare to concrete?” Well, they are not concrete, they’re better. Better for Patio’s, Driveways, and Outdoor Rooms because they have so much diversity. They look expensive and of course your friends will think they are. The advantages of pavers will save you money in the long run.

Some will be envious because they went a different route, they tried stamped concrete. They thought they would save money when they had the concrete stamped, to look like pavers and then became disillusioned. They saw control joints thru the paver pattern. Control joints are used for a common problem all concrete has. Concrete cracks and moves. Control joints are used to force cracking to happen in the control joint but sometimes it cracks in more noticeable places.

When the stamped concrete starts to fade and looks old with-in a couple of years. They remember the parties they had when it was new and shiny and now are too embarrassed to have friends over, because it just doesn’t look like it used to. You find out to maintain the original look you have to use sealers that only last a couple of years. Now you have to seal the patio and driveway over and over again and the word maintenance shows up. The cracks start up, the trees lift it and they wish they had put the pavers in.

They remember the Paver Guy telling them that the pavers never crack. How they come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and a simple sand stabilizer will keep the sand joint stable. Low Maintenance - Pavers are durable and easy to maintain. An occasional sweeping and rinsing is virtually all that is needed to keep them looking as good as new. They remember the Paver guy said they could remove the pavers to remove tree roots when they become a problem and reset them and never see the repair. They remember how when they wanted to expand the patio and the concrete never matched the other. That’s never a problem with pavers.

So they called the Paver Guy and now they are expensive. But so is concrete replacement. It’s now going to cost $3.00 to $4.00 dollars a square foot to remove the concrete and the yard landscape will be a mess and need some additional work to deal with sprinkler pipe and tree roots that were not there before. Now they have to spend more than what the pavers would have cost originally.

Sure it cost a little more than the stamped or colored concrete. Its hand set, its labor intensive, which is included in the cost. Pavers are set over a compacted base so it can be stable and flex with the earth as it moves. It requires a little more prep work but it pays off in the end. Pavers add value to the property from the day it was installed. And of course it looks expensive, but it’s really not in the overall life and added property value pavers give. So how does it compare to concrete?

Concrete is great for house foundations. But all that fancy colored and stamped concrete will just come back to haunt you and lose property value because it just doesn’t look good anymore and it cracks. Don’t get me wrong. If it’s about price, then just plain gray concrete is the cheapest. Simple gray concrete will always be the cheapest and look the cheapest and the cracks are free! Of course pavers cost more in the beginning, but the value will increase with time and the benefits outweigh the price.

Benefits like endless design possibilities and wall systems that color match the pavers with Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, BBQ’s and Seat walls. Pavers installed over a compacted base by craftsmen, who love the manual labor involved and completed in a timely manner. Saving you time and money, your back and sore muscles.

Advantages of Paving Stones:
  • Paving Stones Increase Property Value
  • 4x Stronger Than Concrete
  • Much Cheaper to Repair
  • Better Weight Distribution
  • Maintain Elegance &B Beauty
  • Good Long Term Investment

Disadvantages of Concrete:
  • Cracked Concrete Lowers Home Value
  • Concrete Cannot Be Repaired Without Evidence (Patching)
  • Does Not Flex Under Stress (Therefore Causing Unsightly Cracks and Patching)
  • Does Not Have Character or Personality
  • Much More Costly Over Time

Have you noticed when New Cars are advertised they put them on a paver driveway which makes any car look better, Right?

So look thru the website, check out the Paver Catalogs under Hardscaping. Checkout Ideas at the bottom tab. Take some pictures. Make a plan. Create a list with everything you want to make that Outdoor Room, Patio, Outdoor Fireplace or Driveway enhance the value of your home. Need some Design Services? Fill out our online form. Let’s Get Started.

I will be excited to learn more about your project and how our crew can be a part of it. You’re one step away from working with a fun/enthusiastic group of professionals that will take you step by step through the entire design, material selection and construction process. I personally look forward to meeting with you.

Richard Lacy – Owner
R. Lacy Interlocking Pavers

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