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Paver Installations

Paver Installations Madera, CA If you are getting a new landscape installed or your existing one upgraded, it’s a good idea to consider paver installations for patios and driveways. While these are a very popular material used in most landscaping projects, most paved spaces have a very unique appearance and appeal.

R Lacy Interlocking Pavers provides custom paver installation services to customers across Madera, Fresno, Clovis and Sanger. The company also caters to clients in and around Coarsegold, Oakhurst, Bass Lake, Shaver Lake as well as Friant. The different services they provide are:

Installing Pavers

Paver installation seems like a simple job, but it requires specialized skills and experience to get it right. Pavers are typically set on compacted sand and no mortar is used in the installation. This makes the process faster and large areas can be paved within a short period of time. However, every individual unit has to be installed meticulously and care has to be taken to ensure to fix edging along the entire installation, to hold it in place.

How to Install Pavers

When pavers are being installed, the entire space that has to be covered will first have to be leveled properly. This is because the pavers are of a certain height and any unevenness in the base will impact the way the pavers sit on it and can result in tripping accidents. In addition, it will mar the appearance of the installation as well. This is exactly why care has to be taken while installing these pavers and you should hire experts to handle the job for you.

Installing Patio Pavers

When your landscaper is installing patio pavers, they take a number of different aspects into account. They survey the available space, understand what your ideas and preferences are and then provide patio installation solutions that are in line with your expectations. You can choose between pavers made of natural stone, concrete or brick and decide which colors, shapes and designs you want.

Installing Brick Pavers

There are paver stones of different kinds and they are available in materials such as natural stone, brick and concrete. Paver installation has to be done carefully and compacted sand is used as the base material, and the installers ensure that every unit is properly set in place. When you hire experienced contractors for the job, you are assured that the installation will be long-lasting and attractive.

Paver Installers

If you are considering getting any paver installations for your property, it is crucial that you choose the installers with care. Look for an experienced and reputed company; they should be able to understand what your ideas are, and provide some of their own. Since there are stone, brick and concrete pavers to choose from, they should be able to provide you complete information about these materials- this will help you make a well-informed choice.

When you are looking for high grade, resilient and long-lasting paving installations for the outdoor areas of your property, it’s important to hire credible and reliable professionals like the ones at R Lacy Interlocking Pavers, to handle the job.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at R. Lacy Interlocking Pavers or give us a call at 559-442-1999.


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