Design Services

Design Levels and Estimates

Design ServicesAfter over 30 years of masonry installations, our specialty has become the hardscapes portion of the landscape – which includes the non-living portion of the design… patios, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, sitting walls, fire features, pool patios and driveways.

Our design process starts with a phone call to our office. The initial meeting generally begins with a lot of dialogue regarding what the project involves and what you as a customer can expect from us as the contractor.

We have 3 levels of the design that depend on the complexity of the project and how involved the layout is. The Ultimate goal is to be able to communicate all of the necessary information to the foremen and crews in order to get the project installed as specified.

Design Services



The first level of design is a consultation that's done during a meeting with you in our showroom.

  • Meet with you to discuss your project.
  • Begin to look at the available product choices, design features, colors and patterns.
  • Bring in a couple of photos of the project area with 1 or 2 dimensions of the space, and we will work with you to create a hand drawn design.
  • This will give us a starting point to be able to ballpark an estimate for the cost of the project installation.

Design Servicess



This level of design is a hand drafted line drawing.

  • It is usually generated in the field during the first meeting.
  • For many of our projects, the hand drawn design is enough for our crews to take to the field and install the project.
  • As the complexity of a project increases, (like with different levels and heights, steps and walls in combination with pavers) so does the need for a more complex and complicated drawing.


COMPUTER DRAWING ($300.00 - $600.00)

Design ServicessThe next level in the design process is to produce a drawing.

Design Servicess

Allows us to get very detailed with the information we want to communicate.

Design Servicess

We have the ability to show paver patterns, border details, future design elements and notes for everything. (A minimum deposit and commitment is required for this step.)