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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits and the EPA

Outdoor Fireplace, Madera, CA
Elbow Room Outdoor Gas
Fireplace with Water Fall
I have been in the masonry business since 1973. One of the many projects I loved to design and build was Masonry Fireplaces. Most fireplaces we built were indoors and attached to the house up until 1991. The EPA changed all this in 1991. We can build a fireplace in your backyard but you cannot attach the fireplace to your home with the opening facing inside.

Of course, if you want an authentic Fireplace, I can still build one custom-designed for you. As long as it’s in your backyard and not attached to the house where it would be used inside the house. You’ll have to have a gas unit for the inside.

Maybe an outdoor fireplace with a waterfall is something that would excite you. Or convert the Firepit to a Water Fountain in the summer months and back to a Firepit in the winter. Or maybe you want both functioning at the same time.

At R Lacy Interlocking Pavers, our custom fireplace design and installation services are unique in many ways. While we do focus on design and styling, we aim to make sure that the feature is functional and durable too. It's challenging to find a hardscaping contractor who offers the kind of dual-function fireplace plans as we do.

Custom Fireplace Design and Installation

Whether you want a large and elaborate natural stone fireplace or an outdoor feature that blends into the existing landscape, our expert hardscape designers can help. We are committed to providing our clients value for money and only use the best quality materials in every project.

On our team are skilled and seasoned stonemasons and hardscaping installers with vast experience in the industry. We complete the job efficiently and on time so that you have a stunning fireplace that’s perfect for your yard. Our hardscape designers are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and have handled many similar projects over the years.

Cost-Effective Fireplace Services

You can be sure that the outdoor fireplace design and installation will be done to industry standards so that you have a safe and functional outdoor fire feature that enhances the appeal and comfort of your landscape. We customize our solutions so that the structure we plan for you fits your budget as well as your unique styling requirements. Even in existing landscapes, the new fireplace we install will complement your property’s aesthetic beautifully

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Fire Pit, Fresno, CA
Fire pit with Waterfall/Stream
When you get my age and as we tried to point out to the EPA back in 1990, you may consider using the fireplace on holiday occasions only, because the wood can become labor-intensive when you get older and you would like your life simple, without the fuss of gathering wood and such. Or you may just convert to a gas unit because it’s simple and like the fancy remote control for that instant gratification and high tech you grew up within your life. Thus the natural reduction in fireplace use without the EPA forcing the issue. AS FOR ME, I STILL LIKE WOOD FIRES THE BEST!

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Fire pits are fun in a backyard!

Outdoor Fire Pit, Clovis, CA Outdoor Living Space, Sanger, CA

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Many Manufactured Fireplaces, Pizza Ovens and Fire Pits are offered in our OUTDOOR LIVING SECTION.
We can design and build as well.

Bring out the marshmallows. Have a good Campfire story?

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