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Hardscape Articles

Masonry Art Features

Read more about Masonry Art Features »

Have a New Home at the Old Address

Read more about Have a New Home at the Old Address »

Hardscaping VS Paving

Read more about Hardscaping VS Paving »

Paving Contractors VS Paver Contractor

Read more about Paving Contractors VS Paver Contractor »

The Concept of “Competitive Bidding.”

Read more about The Concept of “Competitive Bidding.” »

Types of Retaining Walls

When a property hasn’t been graded well, or if it has sloping land, that can impact the integrity of the landscaping, make it impossible to construct outdoor structures, and can result in flooding and pooling of water in various areas of the yard/garden. This problem can be fixed by constructing retaining walls at strategic points on the property. These walls help prevent soil erosion and they provide support to the excavated slopes! Read more about Types of Retaining Walls »

Best Paver Applications

When it comes to landscape flooring materials, pavers are one of the most preferred materials. These are available in brick, natural stone and concrete and you will find there are literally hundreds of shapes, sizes, designs and colors to choose from! Read more about Best Paver Applications »

Handy Tips for Paver Installations

If you are getting a new landscape installed or your existing one upgraded, it’s a good idea to consider paver installations for patios and driveways. While these are a very popular material used in most landscaping projects, most paved spaces have a very unique appearance and appeal. Get the help of a professional company with experience in the installation of pavers! Read more about Handy Tips for Paver Installations »

Top 3 Pavers for Driveways

Driveway installations tend to see a great deal of wear & tear and have to bare foot and vehicular traffic. These surfaces are also exposed to the elements and over time, dust and debris also take their toll on the driveway surfaces. This is why it becomes important to use the right kind of materials for a driveway construction. We believe that pavers are at the top of that materials list! Read more about Top 3 Pavers for Driveways »

Innovative Patio Design Ideas

The addition of a patio to any outdoor space will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself and for your property. A patio provides you with a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. It also allows you to do all of your entertaining outside. You can add an outdoor kitchen and outdoor furniture and make it the entertainment hub of your home! Read more about Innovative Patio Design Ideas »

4 Most Popular Outdoor Living Additions

There is no doubt that property owners are placing a lot more importance on their outdoor living spaces nowadays. And it really is no wonder because with the addition of such features as patios, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces; you will get a lot more use out of your own backyard and extend the amount of living space you have into the outdoors! Read more about 4 Most Popular Outdoor Living Additions »
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