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Outdoor Kitchens in Fresno, CA

Outdoor Kitchens, Fresno, CA Creating yard spaces that are attractive, functional, and sustainable involves a significant amount of skill, knowledge, experience and the right resources as well. A landscape can be made more usable when you add outdoor living features and many homeowners like the idea of getting an outdoor kitchen installed in their backyard. We at R Lacy Interlocking Pavers cater to customers in Fresno, CA, and surrounding regions of the State.

Patio Kitchen Installation

An outdoor kitchen is an asset not just because it adds to the resale value of your property, but also because it allows you and your family to use these spaces more optimally, and that provides you a good return on investment. Many of our clients want outdoor kitchen installations built on their patio or deck spaces and we include this in the plans for a new residential yard design project. But we can also design and install your outdoor kitchen as part of an upgrade project if you like.

Exterior Kitchens - The Work Process

The patio kitchen designs that we create for you will incorporate all the amenities and installations you want based on your specific needs. There are several different aspects we take into account while planning an outdoor kitchen such as:

  • Location - Some homeowners want an outdoor kitchen installed on their patio or deck while others want it installed in some segment of the yard. We will survey the space and provide recommendations on what the best location for the kitchen would be.
  • Size - The dimensions of the outdoor kitchen must be proportionate to the dimensions of the available space. An excessively large structure will make a compact yard look cramped and may not leave any space for other installations. Therefore, we plan the layout and size of the feature based on the space that is available for it.
  • Floor Plans And Storage - Our outdoor kitchen designers ensure that there is proper movement flow in the kitchen, there is plenty of seating space as well as storage space after taking care to allocate sufficient room for the appliances like a stove, BBQ grill, fridge etc.
  • Outdoor Lighting - The kitchen lighting will also be planned expertly as you would need sufficient illumination in this space
  • Fire Features - If you want, we can also install a fireplace or fire pit in the outdoor kitchen to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere there.

Cost-Effective Outdoor Kitchen Design

In addition to all these things, we also handle the water, drainage, and gas plumbing design and installation aspects. The best materials are used in the work and we deploy skilled and experienced personnel for the project. When you won’t compromise on the quality of your landscape and masonry installations, the only company you need to call is R Lacy Interlocking Pavers in Fresno, CA.

We are focused on providing high-grade services at incredibly competitive outdoor kitchen cost. Feel free to call us at 559-442-1999and discuss your requirements with our experts. You can also contact us and send project details via the Contact Us form on our website and we will call you back.
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